It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Chapter 2, Page 2, Book 10

Away in a meadow all covered with snow
The little old groundhog looks for his shadow
The clouds in the sky determine our fate
If winter will leave us
all early or late

Don Halley

Today I’m celebrating Ground Hogs Day…

6 more weeks of winter is what I predict. It seems that is the way it usually happens. I’m thankful that there is only 6 more weeks of winter and am celebrating that Spring is on its way.

I'm a little groundhog, it's my day.
Wake and stretch, go o
ut and play.
Down in my burrow, down so deep,
Time to wake, from my long winter's sleep.

Grumble, grumble, scratch, scratch,
Grunt, grunt, yawn.
I'll eat my breakfast in your front lawn.
I'm a little groundhog, it's my day.
Wake up and stretch, go out and play

Author Unknown

One of my favorite ways to celebrate a day is to Wake up and have my favorite morning drink.

Whether you like hot chocolate, coffee, tea or something else, if possible,
pamper yourself with your favorite beverage and savor each sip.

My morning choice is always coffee. It warms me inside and perks me up to start a new day

It’s Terrific Tuesday! I do hope it is full of tremendous things to celebrate!

‘On Ya’-ma


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Happy Terrific Tuesday MA! Yes, the verdict is 6 more weeks of winter! Thanks Punx!! (smiles) Have a wonderful day, and Bless you MA!

Hollie said...

I'm thankful that it's only 6 more weeks too. I'm so ready to get outside. Have a wonderful day!

Angie said...

Six weeks sounds an awful long time to me. We don't have groundhog day here in England but judging from the buds on my camellia six weeks is probably about right.

Kath said...

OH! I am so happy we are on our way to Spring, it cannot come soon enough for me.The thing is though Ma I hate to wish the time away,it goes quick enough realy doesn't it? My primulas are flowering I noticed this morning,after I had my good cup of coffee I went a short walk.However they live through all that cold weather we have had it's a miracle.I best get out and feed the slugs now or the primulas will be no more LOL!!!Have a Terrific Tuesday and thankyou for your kind words in my blog today.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Jenny said...

We found a dead baby bird on our path obviously the warm weather before the freeze had fooled them.
Jenny <><

Linda :) said...

Happy Groundhog Day!! :)

Sybil said...

I am having a good Tuesday darling BIL brought Mary and I down a lovely casserole for dinner, we have just had it and it was delicious...Also put on new bedding so tonight I will snuggle down into lovley fresh smelling sheet and downie...bliss...
Hope you have had a good day as well and that the old groundhog has shone his shadow..
Love Sybil xx

Barb said...

Hi MA. I've missed reading you, lost track of you somehow. You used to read my "Hey Let's Talk.
It is long gone but I invite you to visit my new journal "Let's Chat."

That corgi :) said...

its so funny about the groundhog because regardless of whether or not he sees his shadow, there is still about 6 weeks of winter left (by calendar calculation); too funny all the hype about that little guy :)

my favorite drink in the morning is the same as yours, Ma, coffee with a touch of French vanilla creamer in it :)


grammy said...

I am pretty sure it is not Spring yet
Love the ground hog poem (o: