It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chapter 2, Page 18, Book 10


We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures

Thornton Wilder

I’m Thankful it is Thursday!

Thursday’s and every day of the week it is good to remember that we do have an opportunity to delight in the gifts of each and every day. Each new day has its own treasures for us to cherish.

Thursdays are the day that I like to list the things I’m thankful for. There are so many things that I could share with you about my week, but they would be repeats of many other thankful lists. The everyday blessings of having such a dear family, and a nice home, a job, warm clothing, a car that starts every morning and for the good health I enjoy.

Today I thought I share a particular blessing that I’m thankful for and that is the reason WHY I count my blessings.

Like many of you I have gone through some really rough times and it seemed that all I could think about was what I didn’t have. The more I thought about what was missing in my life, the worse I felt. And if I tried to talk to someone about how bad things were for me, I didn’t get any help at all, all I got was a list of how bad things were in that person’s life. I guess maybe they thought that if they told me their woes I wouldn’t think mine were quite so bad.

Misery does love company and I had quite a few pity parties back in the day. I really got tired of those kind of parties too. I was tired of whining and crying and I wanted to laugh again. So I started looking around to find something to SMILE about, and after I found one thing, I wanted more so I started counting them. The more blessings I found the more I wanted. I started feeling better and laughing more. I started sharing those blessings and low and behold others shared theirs with me too!

I was on a roll and I didn’t want it to stop. So now every day, not just Thursdays I do count those blessings and try and share them too.

I hope your Thursday is a THANKFUL one too!

‘On Ya’-ma


Sonya said...

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday and Friday! We are bound toward the weekend!

Kath said...

Smile and the world smiles with you Ma,I'll smile with you anyway.We can continue smiling together.I am Thankful I found your Blog,so I can share your Thankful Thursday's and your smiles with you.Have a great one.Safe Journey's home.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

That corgi :) said...

I like your thoughts to look at your blessings Ma instead of looking on what you don't have; its definitely so good to put into perspective all we have even if sometimes it doesn't seem like enough but always so grateful just for a place to live and food on my table (especially these days for sure)

enjoy the day


Sybil said...

Yes Ma I am thankful it is Thursday as well and that I am able to cook a lunch for my Sister and her husband that hopefully they enjoy...funny folks sometimes they never say a I just say thank you to myself !!
LOve Sybil xx

grammy said...

Good for you
celebrating and smiling
looking for good things is addicting (o:
nice to be addicted to something besides
chocolate (o: