It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Author Unknown

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Chapter 3, Page 8, Book 09

Don't ever grow too old for birthdays,
Fun-things that you used to do,
Don't give up your dreams because you
Feel that they have not come true.
Don't forget the sound of laughter,
Or the love in someone's eyes,
Don't trade memories for pleasures,
All that in a moment dies.
Don't give up your zest for living,
Saying you are much too old,
Is this what you feel, or is it
Something that you have been told?T
here's a valley deep within us,
Where there is an eternal Spring,
Where there is no sound of sorrow,
And the birds forever sing.
Though your gait is not as steady now,
As once it used to be,
And your vision's clouding over things
You used to clearly see,
Do not let the weight of decades,
Turn you into bitter gall,
For with age there comes a wisdom,
That is a blessing to us all.
Hold your years up like a banner,
Wave it brightly in the sun,
When folks tell you life is over,
Tell them it has just begun.
Loneliness can never touch you,
If you won't allow it to,
And in sharing love with others,...
God will give it back to you.
Author Unknown


It is sad not to get what you wished for
But wishes that come true are like eating fruit from the tree of Life

Proverbs 13:12


I’m sharing all my birthday wishes with all of you today. You see what I always wished for was to be a wife (first) and then a mom (second). There was a time when I thought I’d never have any children, but in this case the good Lord did answer my prayers. I was blessed abundantly with seven wonderful children.

So the pictures you see are my blessings. My wish come true. My gift from God. The babes joined in and helped me to have a very Happy Birthday yesterday. While not all of them were able to be present we still had enough of us to make it feel like a family gathering.

I’m not going to grow too old to celebrate my birthday for sure. I’ll keep on counting my blessings here on earth as long as the good Lord gives me.
I’ve heard that the 60’s now are the new 40’s any way.


May your troubles be less,

And your blessing be more.

And nothing but happiness,

Come through your door

‘On Ya’-ma


Joan said...

Happy Birthday to you, hope you have another lovely day today. Love Joan

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Enjoy your Sunday!...LindaMay

Hollie said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time! I'm so glad. You look gorgeous yourself! Happy Birthday again! I know the weather was a wonderful change for you. It's been so nice here too.


Melissa said...

It's easy to see how loved you are...and it's no wonder why. Beautiful family, Ma!


scrappy quilter said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Everyday of the year
May you find Jesus near
Happy Birthday to you.

What wonderful pictures and beautiful family.

Rose said...

Thank you for today's blessings.

Thank you for sharing your birthday blessings as well.

Hugs, Rose

Jan said...

A very Happy Birthday to you Dear Pam ,what a lovely picture of you with your new smile maker lol ! I love your pretty cardigan (sweater ) I enjoyed all the new pictures ...have a great rest of the day ,with my love Jan xxxxxx

Sybil said...

Oh Ma, what a wonderful day you had with such a ownderful family surrounding you. We are truly blessed who have loving family and thank Gad daily for them.
The photographs are so lovely and everyone enjoying themselves so much it brings a smile to my face just looking at them.
Hope the week ahead is a good one
Much Love Sybil xx

Ora said...

so happy and glad you had such a wonderful birthday time with the family...just doesn't get any better does it??? again..Happy Birthday...!!! hugs from Ora in KY

Joyce said...

What a beautiful birthday you had with your lovely family...Happy Birthday from one of your friends...hugs and love,

Vintage Girl said...

Your party sounds wonderful. What a lovely family. Happy Birthday! Blessings, Heather

Kath said...

What a beautiful family to be proud of.You are so blessed and I am so happy they gave you such a wonderful day.All the pictures are lovely.I had to laugh at the grandaughters making up He-He.Reminded me of my own little Grandaughters who love to do the same He-he.I havn't seen a smile first camera before.Lets hope you get many pictures taken with it to show us alltis spring at the campground.Thankyou for sharing your birthday fun with us.I feel as though I was with you."Happy Birthday" Ma and many more to come much love on your special day.God Bless Kath xx

Linda :) said...

What a wonderful birthday!!!! :)

a corgi said...

Happy Birthday Ma!! It looks like you had a wonderful day with your family! loved the pictures and all the smiles!!! what a beautiful looking bunch your family is!! truly a blessing!!!

I love that the 60s are the new 40s; at 51, perhaps the 50s are the 30s? that I do like

take care of yourself Ma and I pray that the Lord will richly bless you abundantly in this new year of your life


Sugar said...

you're are blessed! what lovely birthday pics. :)
such a lovely family.
i read all the time, but don't comment often. just wanted you to know i wish you a belated bd my dear friend.